How We Work


We partner with professionals to improve lives.

This is the purpose that guides us. Because dental professionals do more than create healthy, beautiful smiles—they create confidence. To achieve their goals, they need a champion. They need someone who will be there for them, side by side and end to end.

At Envista, we are uniquely positioned to be this champion, and our purpose unites and inspires us. Everything we do, every product we make, every service we provide, helps dental professionals achieve their goals. 

We champion creators of confidence.


Our core values define us.

Envista Core Values: Continuous Improvement as Competitive Advantage

Continuous Improvement as Competitive Advantage

Supported by our renowned business system, we are committed to developing world-class professionals at every level. Dedicated to being their best every day, Envista employees embrace continuous improvement as a mindset, culture, and way to win.

Envista Core Values: Innovation in Action

Innovation in Action

With an agile approach and focus on research and development, we are positioned to drive the next wave of disruptive thinking and products. Energized and driven to put ideas into action, our employees show up every day ready to make a difference.

Envista Core Values: Relationships Built on Respect

Relationships Built on Respect

Diversity, inclusivity, and collaboration are at the core of what makes our culture and our teams so successful. We know that when our employees show up every day as their authentic selves, there is greater teamwork, more thoughtful debates, and more reasons to celebrate.

Envista Core Values: Better Choices, Better Outcomes

Better Choices, Better Outcomes

By equipping our employees with the best training, teams, and opportunities, we ensure they can reach their full potential at Envista. When our employees show up with a drive for excellence and hunger for new experiences, they thrive.

At Envista we do not accept the status quo. We strive for a steady stream of improvements and diligent execution, resulting in transformational outcomes.

Claudia Ortiz, SVP Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance, Envista
Diversity & Inclusion

A culture of belonging.

We believe that real breakthroughs come from teams that think creatively and embrace different ideas, perspectives, and experiences. Diversity makes us stronger as we champion creators of confidence.

We make sure diverse talent is represented at all levels, and we build relationships and partnerships based on respect. From celebrating multicultural backgrounds to connecting women, our employee resource groups create a culture of true inclusion and belonging. We encourage all voices to be heard, and we know that doing so reveals unlocks the customer insights that help us succeed.

We also recognize that creating a deeply diverse and inclusive culture is an ongoing endeavor. We fundamentally embrace continuous improvement as a mindset, culture, and way to win. Our work building an organization that celebrates differences, learns from diverse perspectives, and values inclusion will never be finished. We will keep learning, improving, and striving for better.

As a woman, as a working mother, it’s often hard to give up the defenses that you’ve been trained to put up to navigate the workplace. What I’ve learned is that the more I’m able to be my authentic self, the more I’m able to accomplish. At Envista I spend very little time trying to fit in, instead, I try to go all in. This has led to some amazing collaboration and has helped me build some real lasting relationships at work and outside of work because people get to know me for who I am.

Poornima Gopalakrishnan, Director of Inside Sales, KaVo Kerr

When we talk about diversity and inclusion—having that sense of belonging and being able to be our authentic selves—it really allows us to drive our best culture for our employees and also better serve our customers end to end.

Meisha Sherman, VP Diversity and Inclusion, Envista
Envista Business System

Our winning formula.

The Envista Business System (EBS) is our foundation for success. It’s Exceptional people, delivering Breakthrough results, through Strong, Sustainable processes. Developed at Danaher and proven to deliver breakthrough results and long-term value, EBS is our continuous improvement culture, mindset, and way to win in action. 

EBS is a powerful set of values, processes, and tools that guide how we develop people at every level, transform the industry through innovative products, and drive growth. 

Our Envista Business System Office (EBSO) and University (EBSU) ensure an environment of continuous learning, where every employee has the opportunity to experience world-class training and share best practices for the benefit of our company, employees, customers, and shareholders. 

The Envista Business System is more than a set of processes and tools that we use in our everyday work. It’s how we show up every day to do our jobs. EBS helps us solve challenges, ask the right questions, and get better each day.

William Irwin, Director of Product Management, KaVo Kerr
Integrity & Compliance

Doing what’s right for our business and partners.

Envista is firmly committed to building our business with integrity. We are known and respected for dealing honestly and fairly with our investors, suppliers, partners, customers, employees, and competitors.

We believe, with conviction, that acting with integrity at all times is the foundation for success.

Our strong culture of integrity and compliance supports our core values and helps us achieve our purpose of partnering with professionals to improve lives. 

Code of Conduct

The Envista Code of Conduct holds every Envista employee to the highest standard of integrity, in compliance with all applicable laws and policies. This is essential to our success. The Code of Conduct addresses common integrity and compliance questions and resources for other issues that may arise.  

To read our Code of Conduct, please select a language from the menu below:

Suppliers Code of Conduct

As a global customer-focused corporation, Envista emphasizes teamwork, shared vision, commitment to growth, and the principles of the Envista Business System. We award our business to suppliers that deliver the best quality, value, and service at the most competitive cost. Our innovative suppliers are dedicated to driving continuous improvement throughout the supply chain and delivering value.

We expect our suppliers to conduct their operations with integrity and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. For more details, please read our Supplier Code of Conduct below:

Channel Partner Code of Conduct

Envista requires its business partners, joint venture partners, agents, contractors, distributors, consultants, and any other third-party representatives that act on behalf of the Company (collectively, “Channel Partners”) to meet the same high level of integrity that Envista demands of itself. This Channel Partner Code of Conduct applies to all Channel Partners worldwide and defines the minimum standards that Envista expects from its partners. In the case where applicable laws and regulations are more restrictive, Channel Partners must comply with them as well. The Channel Partner Code covers areas including anti-corruption, conflicts of interest, data privacy, competition and import and export controls.

To read a copy of our Channel Partner Code of Conduct, please select a language from the menu below:

Ethical behavior is a vital part of our values; it is what defines who we are. Through our actions, we demonstrate our pledge to do what’s right. I am proud to work for an organization that is committed to doing the right thing all the time.

Juan Arbona, Chief Compliance Officer, Envista

Corporate governance.

Envista Holdings Corporation Corporate Governance Guidelines

Charter of the Nominating & Governance Committee of the Board of Directors

Charter of the Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors

Charter of the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors